The Presidium Meeting, also known as the Steering Committee Meeting, is called by the IDF President when there is a special matter to be deliberated, or when requested by the majority of the Presidium.

The sessions are valid on first call when the majority of the members take part, or in second call however many Members are present.
Resolutions are taken with absolute majority of the persons present.


The Presidium has got the following duties:
•    To see to the execution of the General Meeting's resolutions;
•    To write and approve the annual Financial Statement and Budget;
•    To define the internal regulations;
•    To sign all acts and contracts pertaining to the Association’s activity;
•    To deliberate on the establishment and dissolution of the sectors;
•    To deliberate on the admission, withdrawal, and expulsion of the Organisations and Members;
•    To appoint the people responsible for the Working Committees and the branches of activity which articulate the Federation;
•    To perform all actions and operations necessary to the correct administration of the Federation.


10th December 2016 Pecs - Hungary


12-13th December 2008 Kanijza - Serbia


9th December 2007 Lloret De Mar – Spain


10th May 2007 Bellaria - Rimini - Italy


15th December 2006 Pisa - Italy