Disabled Dance Sector



In the IDF we have always promoted inclusion and supported disabled dancers. However, this year we have finally succeeded to push the boundaries even more and we are proud to announce that we have developed a Disabled Dance Sector.  

Our main targets in this sector are:

•    Broadening perception of dance, art, sport and ability;
•    Promoting development of inclusive dance on international level;
•    Promoting inclusion and integration between able and disabled dancers;
•    Supporting disabled and inclusive dance organisations across the world in promoting dance on national and international levels;
•    Providing high quality participation opportunities for disabled dancers;
•    Creating links and partnerships between disabled and non-disabled dancers, groups and organisations.

Disabled Dance Festival in Castiglioncello, Italy held on 31st May 2011 alongside the World Championships 2011 was our very first event dedicated to the disabled dancers.

There aren’t enough words to describe the passion, the emotions and the inspiration shown by the participants. Both disabled and non-disabled dancers showcased impressive and breathtaking choreographies loudly applauded by the enthusiastic audience.

‘I’m absolutely delighted that we have managed to organise such an unique event. I’ve seen so much talent and inspiration today; so many excellent performances and so many positive emotions. All the dancers who performed this afternoon should teach us motivation and hard work. They are a great example that it is all about ability rather than disability.’ – Agata Maj, IDF International Relations Co-ordinator.

The audience could watch charismatic Latin, standard and freestyle pieces by both able-bodied and wheelchair couples and groups. The performers wowed the crowd with their impressive spins and various patterns as well as with the excellent artistic impression.


The local groups, including Rosignano based Efesto, have shown a sheer joy and excitement. Their explosion of happiness when getting medals was really unforgettable.


‘When organising our biggest event of the year we couldn’t have forgotten about the dancers who better than anyone else feel and understand dance and music. I am thrilled that we have finally succeeded to host a Disabled Dance Festival open to the worldwide audience; I am really excited that we have managed to create an event for the participants of all ages, an event where we have managed to demonstrate their extraordinary abilities and exceptional interpretation. I’d like to use this opportunity to congratulate all the dancers as well as their teachers and choreographers for their excellent performance and their contribution to make the festival such a great success. Undoubtedly, we will build up on this beautiful experience and as the International Dance Federation we will do our best to promote inclusion and destroy any barriers between all our dancers.’

Coming up in 2012!!!!!

Following the spectacular success of the Disabled Dance Festival in Castiglioncello the IDF will host a similar event alongside the 10th World Championship in Modern Dance Sport in Eastbourne, United Kingdom which is to be held from 24th till 31st May 2012.

Devonshire Conference Centre, where the event will be held is a fully professional and extraordinarily beautiful theatre, fully accessible for disabled dancers and wheelchair users.
We warmly welcome participants of all nations, ages and abilities who would like to be part of our event and are willing to come over and share their passion for dance.

More information, including exact dates and times will be available soon. There will be the 10th World Championship official website ready to be used within the next few weeks. For details concerning accessibility, transport and accommodation please contact the local organiser - British Dance Federation IDF UK - on info@ilovesalsa.com