Dance Sport Sector


‘The IDF – where the beauty of dance and the spirit of sport unite.’


The aim of the IDF is to support Dance Sport at international level. Our belief is that the artistry of dance intertwines with the spirit and values of sport creating one overall vision. Our dancers are self-confident, self-motivated athletes determined to work hard to achieve their goals.


‘ Putting the beauty of dance into a competitive format nurtures young people’s sense of achievement and teaches them valuable life lessons in self-discipline, commitment, breaking down barriers, self-expression and teamwork.'  -   Leonardo Senesi IDF President


We are striving for excellence in promoting Dance Sport, providing the most detailed and creative development opportunities for dance sport organisations, dancers and dance professionals. We strongly believe that with our determination and innovation we are building the world’s most successful high performance dance sport system.


Our main targets within Dance Sport are:

  • Raising awareness of Dance Sport internationally;
  • Creating a world leading structure of Dance Sport competitions;
  • Providing high quality, safe and accessible opportunities to get involved in Dance Sport
  • Maximising participation in Dance Sport;
  • Supporting Dance Sport organisations throughout the world in promoting Dance Sport on national and international levels
  • Providing training and development opportunities for Dance Sport professionals;
  • Creating a global Dance Sport community;
  • Promoting inclusion in Dance and Dance Sport;
  • Promoting fair-play and unity values;
  • Promoting health;
  • Promoting female participation in sport;
  • Fighting racism and discrimination;



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