Dance Sector



The IDF Dance Sector sees dance as a form of art and concentrates on three dance genres: ballet, modern and contemporary. We treat our dancers as artists and choreographers as creators, who use their talent, imagination, interpretation, artistry and skills to take the audience into the journey to their own world and their own territory.

Our main targets in Dance Sector are:

•    Broadening perception of Dance and Art
•    Raising Dance awareness internationally
•    Providing high quality, accessible and safe opportunities to get involved in Dance, both on competitive and non-competitive levels
•    Promoting inclusion in Dance
•    Supporting Dance organisations and Dance companies across the world in promoting Dance on national and international levels


Our two major Dance Sector projects are:

•    European Cities’ Dance Festivals

A series of ballet, modern and contemporary dance events organised between October and April each year. The events are held in theatres. Dancers perform individually or as groups (in the choreographics section) and are assessed by the panel of dance specialists in the field of ballet, modern and contemporary.
•    World Championship in Dance

 An unprecedented project started in May 2011 under the artistic direction of Paolo Londi and managed by Danza in Federazione – the Italian Federation affiliated in the IDF.  The project addresses the needs of dancers and choreographers and fills in the gap in the world of dance. The World Championship in Dance is open to all classical, modern and contemporary dancers and choreographers, both renowned and yet to be discovered who dream of performing in front of world famous adjudicators – real etoiles – and competing against extremely talented people from across the globe. 




The 3rd World Championship in Dance, 31st May-2nd June 2013, Caorle, Italy




The third World Championship in Dance was held in a lively coastal town of Carole in the Venice Province. The project was initiated in order to create a performance platform that would allow to showcase dance genres that seem so different one from another but in reality interact in synergy.

For the last three years the project has been highly succesful due to dancers and choreographers  involved, who seen as artists have made dance a real form of art and using their talent, skills and imagination have used stage to research and experiment with their extraordinary ideas.

The event hadn’t been so exceptional if it wasnt’s for the attentive audience, always ready to applaud and appreciate the performers, and illustrious adjudicators representing the highest quality in dance.
This year the adjudicating panel consisted of:

Anna Maria Prina
Geraldine Armstrong
Stefania Figliossi
Hektor Budlla
Giuliano Mastriforti

Fourty pieces and fourty artists representing Croatia, Italy, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine were showcased in selections, semi-finals and finals held over two inspirational days to finally shine on the Grand Gala night. The adjudicators did not have an easy task as the level of performances was second to none. After fruitful discussions the final results were announced as follows:

-    Kaminska Olena - choreography “Inception” – Gold Medal
-    Florido Helena - choreography “Bocca di rosa” – Silver Medal
-    Scicchitano Emanuela - choreography “Nuvole di luce” – Bronze Medal

-    Leoncini Alice - choreography “Ella” – Gold Medal  
-    Rizzoli Letizia - choreography “Variazione bayadere” – Silver Medal
-    Romano Stefano - choreography “Ritorno” – Bronze Medal


Congratulations and thanks go to Caorle Council for their belief in the event and all their efforts to make it a success. Well done and thanks to Danza in Federazione (IDF Italian Affiliated Member) and the Labirinto Association for excellent organisation of this spectacular event.

Thank you and well done to all participants, audience and adjudicators who greatly contributed to the successful delivery of this beautiful project.

 World Championship 2013 Caorle (Italy) Results 



The 2nd World Championship in Dance, 8th-9th June 2012, Pula, Croatia



In early days of June a charming town of Pula on a sunny Croatian coast welcomed the IDF 2nd World Championship in Ballet, Modern and Contemporary Dance. A wonderful event organised by Tatjana and Robert Ban, held in a delightful INK Theatre  (Istarsko Narodno Kazaliste) attracted dancers from numerous nations. Over hundred pieces, many of them breathtaking, were presented throught the event to the vast and very responsive audience.

The judging panel was formed of:

-    Roberto Fascilla – Italy – Chair of the Judging Panel

Once again Maestro agreed to take up this important role. Born in Milan Roberto Fascilla attended a famous ‘La Scala’ school and became its principal dancer and a real star. His dance partners include world famous Carla Fracci, Elisabetta Terabust, Luciana Savignano and Annita Cardus. Throughout his long and successful career he performed in world most renowned stages as well as managed top Italian theatres, including Communal Theatre of Bologna, Arena of Verona and San Carlo in Naples.

-    Sabrina  Rinaldi – Italy
-    Kjara Steric – Slovenia
-    Rajko Pavlic – Croatia

After two days of marvellous performances the jury almost unanimously agreed on the final classification. The results were as follows:

Choreographics (Groups)

1)    Gold Medal – Sara Accettura
2)    Silver Medal – Ivana Donazet
3)    Bronze Medal – Luca Tonini


1)    Gold Medal – Eliana Stragapene
2)    Silver Medal – Irene Pettineo
3)    Bronze Medal – Michele Colajazzo

The IDF is looking forward to the 3rd World Championship which is going to be held in Caorle (Venezia) in Italy from 31st May till 2nd June 2013.



The 1st World Championship in Dance, 31st May - 1st June 2011, Castiglioncello, Italy


World famous dancers and World Class event comes to the Tuscan coast.


Following IDF’s long term involvement in classical, modern and contemporary dance and our successful history of the European Cities’ Dance Festivals, this year we have hosted un unprecedented project – the 1st World Championship in Dance.

Held in the magnificent seaside location of Castiglioncello in Tuscany, Italy the event started 31st May 2011, straight after the 9th World Championship in Modern Dance Sport. Exceptional young dancers, extraordinary level of performances, world renowned adjudicators and top principal dancers who have danced on the most prestigious stages across the globe as our guest performers.

The competition, with the artistic direction of Paolo Londi, started with semi-finals held on a delightful stage of the Pasquini Castle, where the jury picked up the finalists of classical, modern and contemporary sections to perform in the Grand Finale the following night.

The jury consisted of:

Roberto Fascilla, Mia Molinari, Evgenia Aks, Ranko Yokoyama, Margarita Trayanova, Eleonora Coccagna and Geraldine Armstrong.

The atmosphere of the event was totally different to the Dance Sport competitions, held in an absolute, almost mystical silence.

The Gala of the Grand Finale directed by Luciano Cupido and gracefully presented by Karina Cherubini, once again has reminded us that Castiglioncello was in these days a real dance capital of the world.

The audience have received a proper treat. They had a pleasure to watch the real stars, such us Giuseppe Picone – the world famous principal dancer who performed in the best theatres across the world; Antonella Albano and Maurizio Licitra from the famous La Scala (Teatro alla Scala) in Milan; Antonio Minini and Lorena Calabro representing Pescara Dance Festival and finally a prima ballerina – Bojana Nenandovic Otrin.

The words will not describe the excellence, the vivid expressive distinction, the sense of grace and elegance, at times almost surrealism of the performances.

And here came the moment to meet the first Dance World Champion. Italians have dominated the podium. The third place went to the winner of the modern section Greta Giampietro. Alessandra Vedovato from the classical section has been classified second. The title of the World Champion has been awarded to Gaetano Bellacozza.

The contemporary choreography by Randazzo Barone  was placed third in the choreographics section with Giovanna Valerio becoming the runner-up. The title of the Choreographics World Champion has been awarded to Claudia Belfatto.

The prizes have been handed in by Franco Ventura – IDF President, Alessandro Franchi – Mayor of Rosignano Marittimo, Eross Bulcsu – IDF Vice- President, Leandro Senesi – IDF General Secretary, Bartolo Dell’Aiera – IDF Adjudicator’s Co-ordinator, Agata Maj (Urbanczyk) – IDF International Relations Co-ordinator and Manfrin Ranieri – organiser.


The event was fully broadcasted by Television Granducato and publicised by RadioDanza and RDF 102.7 as well as the local press (mostly La Nazione).


Congratulations to all talented young people who performed in this exceptional event. Good luck to Gaetano in his future career. Thank you to all our adjudicators and guest performers. We are honoured that you have agreed to come and take part in our event and contribute to its success.