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POSTPONED 4th World Championship in Classical, Modern and Contemporary Dance, 7-8th June 2014, Pula, Croatia 


Dear All,

I am writing with regards to the IDF 4th World Championship in Dance (Classical/Contemporary/Modern) that was going to be held in Pula, Croatia from 7th to 8th June 2014. Unfortunately, the recent flooding in the Balkan area has severely affected not only Croatia but also the neighbour countries making it impossible for the dancers to get involved. Also the current political situation in Ukraine  has resulted in the Ukrainian dancers being unable to attend. As a result we have decided that the event will be postponed. All participants who have already paid their participation fees will have them reimbursed.


I would like to apologise for any inconvenience.

Best regards,

Franco Ventura
IDF President



4th World Championship in Classical, Modern & Contemporary Dance, 7-8th June 2014, Pula, Croatia

From 7th to 8th June 2014 the best performers in ballet, contemporary and modern dance will gather in the charming INK Theatre (Istarsko Narodno Kazaliste) in Pula, Croatia to battle for the title of worlds greatest. The event at the Ischia Pennisula will bring together the youth of today’s aspiring dancers with the experience of high profile judges, amongst them Francesco Mariottini, Kjara Staric Wurst, Stefania Figliossi, Bernard Shehu and Sabrina Rinaldi. These two days of passion, flair and unforgettable performances will no doubt write their own chapter in the history books of modern competitive dance and so we hope you can join us in celebrating these memorable Championships.

For enquiries contact IDF General Secretary Mr Leandro Senesi on

World  Champ. Dance in Pola7-8 June 2014


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