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11th World Championship in Modern Dance Sport, Nagykanizsa, Hungary 


Life without dance would be a mistake.. With such a message in mind the IDF invites you to another exciting event coming up in May 2013! Put your dancing shoes on and get ready for an unforgettable international experience!


Location: Nagykanizsa, Hungary
Dates: May 22nd – May 26th 2013
Hungarian Dance Federation of IDF  
Organiser's Hungarian Office details:
Erőssné Kovács Katalin
mobile +36 70 323 83 69

Congress Hall: Hevesi Sándor Művelődési Központ
8800 Nagykanizsa, Széchenyi tér 5-9.

Information regarding the competition :

Information regarding all competition rules :
See IDF Dance & Dancesport rules, which may be found at the IDF Web Site:



22nd May
Opening Ceremony (5pm)

23rd May
Dance Show, Hip Hop, House, Belly Dance, Freestyle, Twist, Electric, Tap Dance, Boogie Woogie, Rock and Roll and Dancehall

24th May
Hip Hop (if necessary), Dance Show (if necessary), Disco Dance, Caribbean, Break Dance and Fantasy Show (if necessary)
25th May
Fantasy Show, Techno Dance and Musical

26th May
Free Show, Dance Pop, Jazz Funk, Disco Slow, Waaking and Folk Dance

Please, note that there might be some modification introduced into the programme

A. Accommodation and Food
Considering the interests of the participants the Organization Committee provides the accommodation and food supply at friendly prices as will be seen from the respective offers. PLEASE CONSIDER THE OBLIGATION OF ACCOMODATION ORDER FROM LOCAL ORGANIZERS, WHICH MUST BE KEPT. The start numbers will be issued only if the respective order and payment documents are presented in copy at the registration desk.
Accommodation & food can be ordered using the appropriate order forms sent till the given deadlines, respectively. All participants should arrive to the place at least on the day before their respective competition day(s).

B. Proof of participation
All dancers will receive a plastic banderole at the registration office (Check in Counter) to be tight around the wrist as proof of having paid the start fee and being a dancer/participant of the IDF 11TH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Nagykanizsa, Hungary
This banderole MUST be worn during the whole event. If this is lost, the dancer must purchase a ticket to enter the hall.
There will be no exceptions.
All spectator after buy the entrance ticket will receive an other color plastic banderole wherewith exclusively they can entry in the spectators’area. It will be forbidden to entry in the dessing-rooms, back stages. Only for the team leaders and the coordinator of nations will be admissible. PLEASE RESPECT THE RULES OF EVENT.

C. Insurance
With their official enrollment, all participating countries, federations and/or dancers, assure that they hold valid health and accident insurance. The organizer will not be liable for any accidents before, during or after the competition.
Important – Please note!
Please be aware, that the Hungarian health system, does not allows doctors or hospitals to treat anybody without EU insurance or payment in cash. Make sure your team captain has with him your insurance.

D. Rules
IDF Dance & Dancesport Rules
For further information refer to IDF Official Website:

E. Schedule of the Championships
Please see the tentative schedule for the entire event.
About one week after the deadline registration, you will find the official schedule on the website.
All times are according to the number of enrollments and subject to change.

F. Preparetion / be ready
Due to the running of the big event it may happen that the time schedule has to be adjusted during the days. We ask all dancers and coaches that dancers must be ready to dance at least 90 minutes prior to the published start of the round – respectively to inform themselves about the planned start of the dancer.
All information will be published backstage near the stage entrance and announced from the stage.
Everybody please inform yourself during the day(s).

G. Information about the next round
After each round, the judges will hand their votes - sheets to the scrutinizer to count the points for the competitors to reach the next round. We will publish the results for the next round as soon as possible. Please do not leave the hall before this announcement – as there might be an extra unforeseen round, which you might miss it by leaving the stage too early.

I. Diplomas/ Trophies
Solo, Duo and Couple
1st Place - One Trophy (s) – Diploma (s)
2nd Place - One Trophy (s) – Diploma (s)
3rd Place - One Trophy (s) – Diploma (s)
4th – 11th/Members of finals/ Place – Diploma (s)
Small Group, Team, Formation
1st Place – One Trophy - Diploma
2nd Place – One Trophy - Diploma
3rd Place – One Trophy - Diploma
4th – 11th/Members of finals/  Place – Diploma

J. Other information
Technical basics
Congress hall with two dance floors /one the main stage A, one on thirst floor stage C/
Next to congress hall in the tent stage B:
Stage A depth 12 meters, width 14 meters,
Stage B depth 12 meters, width 12 meters
Stage C depth 8 meters, width 8 meters

Entry: From the back, except stage C sideward
Stage color: black or light grey
Spectators: Stage A 500 persons/day
        Stage B 300 persons/day
        Stage C 100 persons/day
Catering for dancers and spectators:
Through the event the catering will be inside the theather with two/three type of menu, and in grill tent outside if the weather will be fine.

Tickets for supporters may be bought at the daily ticket at the main entrance.
This Ticket Container will be open during the opening times of the hall.
For the dancers the entry is free. The organizer give from 1-12 dancers one team leader card, 13-60 dancers two team leaders cards, over 60 dancers three cards.

During the event the organizers have official photo team. In the dance rooms it will be forbidden to doing photos and videos with professional machine. Only with telefons can make photos and videos. PLEASE RESPECT THE RULES OF EVENT otherwise the security dislodge the irregular person.
During the event for a media staff only with organizer permis will be admissible doing photos and videos.

Lost and found
At the Info-Desk during the competition.

Travel information
Please, refer to the travel information and forms that you will find on this web site.
Information regarding accommodation
Please, refer to the accommodation information and forms that you will find on this web site.
Information for Team Captains
Please take care, that all reservation, payment, music etc. will be only handled by the (one) Team Captain of your country. Because of Federatione purposes only one Team Captain is allowed to enter the Check In Office – if necessary with an interpreter.

A.) Registration / Check In
After arrival all Team Captains will check in at the Registration, the CHECK IN COUNTER which you will find in the Congress hall: Hevesi Sándor Művelődési Központ Nagykanizsa, Széchenyi tér 5-9.
• Present the IDF Official Sheet Registration (who you have received from IDF Secretariat) with all names from your country
(This will be sent to all participating Nations within 03th March)
• Before to come on Nagykanizsa:
Check if all registrations listed are correct. In different way you must to communicate to the Secretariat ( ) before 31th March the mistakes;

• Check and to send the name changes and cancellations to the Secretariat;
• When you will take the envelope with the numbers and names, please you have to control that there aren't no mistakes. Therefore, you have to control if the possibly changes who you have requested, they are correct. Concerning this, to evitate whichever issue, please, you have to bring with you the print of the email that you sent to the Secretariat, where you asked the change or cancellation.

I'd like to remind you, it's not allowed to change, erase or add no dancer ( the same thing for Duo, Couples, Small Groups, Formations, Productions) the same
day of the Check-in. Please, you have to control the dates of birth of your dancers and to send the dates of birth who are missing, before 31th March.
• If all is okay: Pay the start fee to the organizer


All payments can be made in advance by bank transfer. The bank charges can be paid by the sender. Make sure you have an official receipt with you at the Check in Desk.

Szan-Dia Fitnes Sport Club
IBAN  HU37 1091 8001 0000 0032 0595 0019
The payment can also be made in cash on arrival in the competition office when collecting the envelope with the competition program and dancers’ start numbers.  This method of payment will be accepted only if previously agreed with the General Secretary. In case your request will be accepted, payment in cash will be accepted only in EURO.
The team Captains will receive all necessary information at the Federatione Office.

Competition program
• Receive all start numbers of the country in a prepared envelope
• Receive all banderoles for the dancers and accompanying people
(see explanation above)
• Receive all information and time schedule for the event
• Formations / productions hand out the music (CD only!) to the DJ at the dance floor directly (and pick them up again after your last dance).

B. Info Desk / Check Out
At the Info-desk same as Check In.
Team Captains can pick up the diplomas for all dancers not having reached the
finals – about 90 minutes after their last round.
If you have any question or need help, please contact our Info Desk and thecharming staff.

C. Registration / Team Captains (only)
All registration / check in can only be made by the appointed national team leader / official team captain of your country for all dancers.
Because of the great number of expected dancers the organizer regrets, but there is no check in on a “one by one” basis. Thank you for your understanding

D. Registration / Office times
Check In & Check Out
Wednesday, 22.05. 2013 and OPENING CEREMONY
Thursday, 23.05. 2013 one hour before the start of the competition till the end
Friday, 24.05. 2013 one hour before the start of the competition till the end
Saturday, 25.05. 2013 one hour before the start of the competition till the end
Sunday, 26.05. 2013 one hour before the start of the competition till the end

E. Security
Because of the great numbers of dancers from all over the world, there will be security staff in the hall.
There is no liability at all for the organizer for any lost or stolen items.
Please make sure, to have all personal belongings in your control. As the parking space for the busses are close to the hall, you might consider, to leave your valuables in the bus with the driver.
There is security patrolling in the dressing area. If people are found without plastic banderole, they will be sent out of the dressing area without exception.

F. Lost and Found
Please hand over found things to the „IDF Check In“. Please ask for lost things there as well.
The organizers are not responsible to scenery and any others supplies what bring the dancers for event if not arrive to congress hall, country, city, etc.

G. Scrutinizer’s office
The IDF Secretariat Office has to do a great job to count all thousands of crosses and marks. Therefore they will work in a different room to have a quite and undisturbed place. No dancer, coach, choreographer, parent, visitor or judge may come into the Secretariat Office's room for any reason. Only the National Representative, after to have asked and obtained the authorization by the General Secretary, can to come in, into the Office.

Looking forward to be seeing all your excellent dancers at the prestigious
“official” IDF Wordl Championship in Nagykanizsa, Hungary!