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European Championship in Modern Dance Sport, Kanijza, Serbia 




IDF and Serbian Stage Dance Association are delighted to invite all dancers to participate in the IDF European Championship in Modern Dance Sport that is going to be held in Kanjiza in Serbia from 8th till 11th November 2012.


Event: IDF European Championship in Modern Dance Sport

Place: Kanjiža, Serbia

Dates: Opening Ceremony 7th November 2012
             Competition 8th – 11th November 2012

Official Patron:
International Dance Federation (IDF)

Szajkó Erzsébet in co-operation with "Serbian Stage Dance Association".

Organisers Office in Kanjiža:
Contact person :
Szajkó Erzsébet
fax 381-24-874-038
mobile +381-63-77-71-344

House of Art

GlavniTrg 9

24420 Kanjiza, Serbia

Information regarding the competition can be found on:
Information regarding all competition rules can be obtained from the IDF official website: see section Dance Sport Sector Rules.

Competition Information

Accommodation and Catering

The venue is located in the centre of the greatest Serbian resort. In the interest of all participants the Organising Committee will make sure accommodation and catering services provided will be at reasonable prices details of which can be found at separate accommodation and catering offers. Accommodation offer including photos is available at the EUROPEAN Championship website. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE REQUIRED TO BOOK THEIR ACCOMMODATION VIA LOCAL ORGANISERS. Dancers’ start numbers will only be issued if a confirmed booking order and payment confirmations are presented at the registration desk.
Accommodation & meals can be ordered using appropriate order forms sent; the form need to be submitted in due time. All participants are expected to arrive to Kanjiža at least one day before their competition day(s).

On arrival at the registration desk all dancers will receive a plastic wristband that would be an official confirmation that the dancer has been registered and is participating at the IDF European Championships in Kanjiza, Serbia.
This wristband MUST be worn at all times during the event. In the event of loss of a wristband, the dancer will be required to purchase a ticket to enter the venue.
No exceptions will apply.

With their official registration, all participating countries, federations and/or dancers, assure that they are in possession of valid health and accident insurance. The organisers will not be liable for any accidents occuring before, during or after the competition.

Important – Please read carefully!
Please be aware, that the Serbian health system does not allow doctors or hospitals to treat anybody without EU insurance or payment in cash. Make sure your team captain has got a proof of your insurance to be shown in case of emergency.

The competition will be held according to the IDF DanceSport Rules.
For further information please refer to section Dance Sport – Rules.

Championship Timetable
For competition timetable please see a separate attachment.
The official timetable will be available on the European Championship official website one week before the event.
All times depend on the number of registered dancers and are subject to change.

Getting ready on the day
Due to the size of the event the published times are subject to change and might be amended on the day. We ask all participants and coaches to make sure the dancers are ready to perform at least 90 minutes prior to the published start of the round; it is team leaders’ responsibility to make sure they are informed about the planned start of the rounds.
All information will be displayed backstage near the stage entrance and announced by the compare.
All participants are requested to make sure they are up-dated with the competition timetable.

Results Information
On completion of each round the adjudicators will hand their sheets to the Competition Office where the results will be processed and calculation will be made. The results stating who has gone through to the next round will be published as soon as the calculations have been made. All dancers are strongly reccommended not to leave the venue until the results have been published to make sure no dance off is needed.

Medals / Diplomas / Trophies
Solo, Duo and Couple
1st Place - Gold Medal(s)
2nd Place - Silver Medal(s)
3rd Place - Bronze Medal(s)
4th – 6th Place – Diploma

Small Group and Formation
1st Place – Trophy
2nd Place – Trophy
3rd Place – Trophy
4th – 6th Place – Diploma

Other information
Technical specification:
Sporthall with one dance floor  in use;
Depth:  12 metres, width 12 metres,
Entry: via back door
Stage colour: light brown
Number of spectators: 1500 per day

The organisers will provide catering services both for dancers and spectators.
Restaurants will be located in walking distance from the venue.

Tickets may be purchased from the Ticket Office at the entrance.
Ticket Office opening hours will be the same as the venue opening hours.

Lost Property
Lost Property will be located at the Info-Desk that would operate during the competition.

Travel information
For travel and accommodation information please visit the European Championship Official website.

Information for Team Leaders
Please note that there should only be one Team Leader appointed by each participating country to deal with hotel bookings, registration, payments, music etc. On registration at the venue only the Team Leader and an interpreter (if needed) will be allowed to complete the registration procedure.

Registration / Check In
On arrival all Team Captains will check in at the Registration Desk located at the Banja Kanjiza Sporthall.










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