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World Championship in Dance Sport 


14th WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Dance Sport
Bressanone – Brixen (Bolzano), Italy May 25th – 29th 2016 
25th May  Opening Ceremony (5:00 pm)
26th May  Dance Show, Hip Hop, Free Show, Belly Dance, Folk Dance, Free Dance Category, Rock and Roll.
27th May Fantasy Show , Dance Show, Hip Hop, House, Popping, Waaking, Dancehall, Disco Freestyle, Techno, Disco Dance (if necessary). 
28th May Disco Dance, Fantasy Show (if necessary), Dance Show (if necessary), Hip Hop (if necessary), Disco Slow, Tap Dance, Break, Musical, SDK World Battle Tour Italy
29th May Caribbean, Dance Pop, Jazz Funk, Boogie Woogie, Twist.
Please, note that there might be some modification introduced into the programme.
We would like to remind all dancers that any competitor taking part in the IDF World Championship is required to book a minimum of two nights accommodation (hotels, apartments, camp sites oryouth hostels) via the official organisers.
 IDF World Championship in Modern Dance Sport 2016 Hotel    List KlausenChiusa 
 IDF World Championship in Modern Dance Sport 2016 Hotel    List
 IDF World Championship in Modern Dance Sport 2016Hotel    list NazSciaves
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