Dance World top names and a real high art spirit on the Venezian coast! 


The third World Championship in Dance was held in a lively coastal town of Carole in the Venice Province. The project was initiated in order to create a performance platform that would allow to showcase dance genres that seem so different one from another but in reality interact in synergy.

For the last three years the project has been highly succesful due to dancers and choreographers  involved, who seen as artists have made dance a real form of art and using their talent, skills and imagination have used stage to research and experiment with their extraordinary ideas.

The event hadn’t been so exceptional if it wasnt’s for the attentive audience, always ready to applaud and appreciate the performers, and illustrious adjudicators representing the highest quality in dance.
This year the adjudicating panel consisted of:

Anna Maria Prina
Geraldine Armstrong
Stefania Figliossi
Hektor Budlla
Giuliano Mastriforti

Fourty pieces and fourty artists representing Croatia, Italy, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine were showcased in selections, semi-finals and finals held over two inspirational days to finally shine on the Grand Gala night. The adjudicators did not have an easy task as the level of performances was second to none. After fruitful discussions the final results were announced as follows:

-    Kaminska Olena - choreography “Inception” – Gold Medal
-    Florido Helena - choreography “Bocca di rosa” – Silver Medal
-    Scicchitano Emanuela - choreography “Nuvole di luce” – Bronze Medal

-    Leoncini Alice - choreography “Ella” – Gold Medal  
-    Rizzoli Letizia - choreography “Variazione bayadere” – Silver Medal
-    Romano Stefano - choreography “Ritorno” – Bronze Medal


Congratulations and thanks go to Caorle Council for their belief in the event and all their efforts to make it a success. Well done and thanks to Danza in Federazione (IDF Italian Affiliated Member) and the Labirinto Association for excellent organisation of this spectacular event.

Thank you and well done to all participants, audience and adjudicators who greatly contributed to the successful delivery of this beautiful project.