Unforgettable memories from the 2nd Ballet, Modern & Contemporary Dance World Championship in Pula 


In early days of June a charming town of Pula on a sunny Croatian coast welcomed the IDF 2nd World Championship in Ballet, Modern and Contemporary Dance. A wonderful event organised by Tatjana and Robert Ban, held in a delightful INK Theatre  (Istarsko Narodno Kazaliste) attracted dancers from numerous nations. Over hundred pieces, many of them breathtaking, were presented throught the event to the vast and very responsive audience.

The judging panel was formed of:

-    Roberto Fascilla – Italy – Chair of the Judging Panel

Once again Maestro agreed to take up this important role. Born in Milan Roberto Fascilla attended a famous ‘La Scala’ school and became its principal dancer and a real star. His dance partners include world famous Carla Fracci, Elisabetta Terabust, Luciana Savignano and Annita Cardus. Throughout his long and successful career he performed in world most renowned stages as well as managed top Italian theatres, including Communal Theatre of Bologna, Arena of Verona and San Carlo in Naples.

-    Sabrina  Rinaldi – Italy
-    Kjara Steric – Slovenia
-    Rajko Pavlic – Croatia

After two days of marvellous performances the jury almost unanimously agreed on the final classification. The results were as follows:

Choreographics (Groups)

1)    Gold Medal – Sara Accettura
2)    Silver Medal – Ivana Donazet
3)    Bronze Medal – Luca Tonini


1)    Gold Medal – Eliana Stragapene
2)    Silver Medal – Irene Pettineo
3)    Bronze Medal – Michele Colajazzo

The IDF is looking forward to the 3rd World Championship which is going to be held in Caorle (Venezia) in Italy from 31st May till 2nd June 2013.