World Championship Eastbourne 2012! What an event! 




During the last week of May 2012, right in the middle of a hot spell, the UK coastal town of Eastbourne has become a real capital of dance. The beautiful Devonshire Park Conference Centre with its impressive Congress Theatre, lovely Winter Gardens and a charming Gold Room has been transformed in a world-class sporting venue welcoming all IDF member countries as well as many foreign and local spectators.

The event has been a real boost to the local economy as dancers, choreographers, officials and visitors from twenty four countries all stayed in Eastbourne hotels and visited local businesses.

Following the tradition from previous years the event once again began with a breathtaking procession starting at the Wish Tower and leading through the streets of Eastbourne towards the Band Stand to culminate at the Congress Theatre. The ceremony was an explosion of colour, passion and happiness. The flags of all the participating nations were paraded through the streets of Eastbourne by the volunteers, athletes, officials and local figureheads who greatly contributed towards making this event a success. The parade brought the whole town together with hundreds of local residents admiring the start of an unforgettable week and cheering the IDF dancers.

The procession was followed by a spectacular Opening Ceremony at the Congress Theatre including performances by incredibly talented Guy Burden, Chelsea School of Sport, Eastbourne College Swing Band, Street Styles 4 All, Samsara and Cross Polarity as well as speeches by the IDF President Mr Franco Ventura and the Mayor of Eastbourne Councillor Mike Thompson.

The competitions itself commenced on Thursday morning. What an incredibly busy four days it has been! The level of many performances has been absolutely breathtaking; the audience was amazed with some very memorable routines and beautiful choreographies. ‘The talent of many who attended was exceptional right across the board and clearly the time, effort and attention to detail goes beyond anything I’ve ever seen before’ – Steve Slattery, Cedar House Productions.

Dancers competed in twenty different disciplines spread across three stages. Fifteen different national anthems have been played to celebrate the victory of international champions. After four days of breathtaking performances the majority of gold medals have been awarded to the outstanding dancers from Ukraine, with Italians being the runners up and England proudly in the third place.

The event has been widely publicised through local radio and press with a representative of Agence France-Presse attending as well. It has also been promoted via London Big Dance website.

Congratulations to all the dancers who participated in the World Championship for their talent, effort, dedication and hard work. Thank you to all the National Federations, officials, parents and spectators who have travelled a long way to be part of this wonderful event. Thank you to all individuals, organisations and sponsors who have contributed to the World Championship success.

A special thanks has to go to the British organisers IDF UK represented by Mr Fire Stead for his financial involvement, Mrs Helen Kiddle for her tireless work and administrative support as well as Mrs Angie Whittle and Carole Cunningham for their work towards recruiting the dancers.

The IDF would also like to thank the Town and Mayor of Eastbourne, the Eastbourne Council as well as all the management and staff of the Devonshire Park Conference Centre for their help and support.

The 10th World Championship would not have been such a great success without the help of an army of volunteers who have dedicated their time and effort to assist in the delivery of the competitions. Many of them took time off work and travelled long distances to be part of this memorable event. They were highly professional and charismatic and the difference they made was massive. The IDF is very grateful for their involvement and everything they have done.

 ‘Until just a few months ago, making it to the World Championships would have been a mere dream to me and my Sport Leaders. However, now it has become a real possibility! Both I and the whole school are delighted that we have been part of this incredible event and we are very privileged to have been given this opportunity. Volunteering at such a big international event has been extremely valuable for my students. They have successfully passed a challenging test of maturity and responsibility as well as language and social skills. We are very excited and looking forward to be getting involved in the IDF World Championships next year and in future’ – Cassandra Till, Head of PE at St. Andrew’s CofE High School, Croydon, UK.