World Championships 2012 Opening Ceremony, workshops and merchandisers! Don't miss it! Read NOW! 


Coming to the IDF World Championships in Eastbourne? Make sure you read instructions below so you know what to do and you don't miss out on any of the exciting events that will be offered!

As the majority of the participants will be arriving on Wednesday 23rd May, the following arrangements will be in place;


How to get to Eastbourne and the theatre?

For information on travel within London please visit

If you travel from Heathrow Airport you need to get underground to London Victoria and then a direct train to Eastbourne

If you travel from Luton Airport please take a shuttle bus to Luton Airport Parkway and then train towards Brighton. Change at East Croydon for trains to Eastbourne.

If you travel from Gatwick Airport please take a direct train to Eastbourne from the airport rail station.

To check train times and fares please go to


To see a walking route from Eastbourne Train Station to the venue please use a link below.,0.2830427+to:Carlisle+Rd&hl=en&ll=50.765603,0.288692&spn=0.011305,0.033023&sll=50.763038,0.284513&sspn=0.002826,0.008256&geocode=FYKsBgMd0koEAA%3BFZmSBgMdolEEAClzq5KD-HPfRzGw3H2tLa4OEw%3BFaqSBgMdfFIEAA&t=h&dirflg=w&mra=dpe&mrsp=1&sz=18&via=1&z=16

On arrival all team representatives should register at the Registration Desk at the venue. The registration desk will be located at the main entry to the Congress Theatre.

Address:  The main entrance to the venue will be located at the Congress Theatre, Carlisle Road, Eastbourne BN21 4BP

Registration desk will be open from 10am till 12.30pm and again from 1.30pm until 4pm. If you are due to arrive earlier or later than that, please make sure you inform the organisers sending an email to or

At the registration desk team representatives will:
•    Collect their packs including competition programme, dancers' start numbers, dancers' wrist bands and Team Leaders' passes as well as information about the Opening Ceremony, workshops, Danceaid show and merchandisers;

•    Sign a declaration confirming that each dancer taking part in the event is in good health, insured and has got permission for photographs and video recording to be taken and published for the IDF purposes (see a copy below);
•    Check their balance on Technical Cards payment (any outstanding balance will need to be paid in cash in euros to the IDF Secretary Office staff);
•    Check their balance on dancers’ registration fees (any outstanding balance will need to be paid in cash in euros to the UK staff);
•    Collect tickets - tickets should be reserved in advance using a ticket booking form (see a copy below) and emailed to Any outstanding balance should be paid in British Sterling to the UK staff;

Opening Ceremony Wednesday 23rd May at 5pm
All the participants of the IDF Dance World Championships Eastbourne 2012 are requested to attend spectacular Opening Ceremony. All teams should make sure they are ready at the Wish Tower from 4.50pm for Parade. Procession of IDF Officials, Mayor of Eastbourne, Mayor of Nagykanizsa and National Teams led by national flags will proceed to the theatre for the Opening Show.

To see a meeting point map (place from where the parade will depart) please see a link below.,+Eastbourne&daddr=King+Edward%27s+Parade%2FB2103&hl=en&ll=50.761871,0.285468&spn=0.002827,0.008256&sll=50.761871,0.28547&sspn=0.001413,0.004128&geocode=FWCUBgMd_1IEACFU0fI3UXWlHQ%3BFX-PBgMdK1sEAA&oq=Congress&t=h&dirflg=w&mra=dme&z=18


Adjudicators' Briefing

All judges involved in the World Championship 2012 are obliged to attend an Adjudicators' Briefing which will be held on Wednesday 23rd May from 3.15pm till 4.15pm at the Congress Theatre. Straight after the meeting the adjudicators and officials will be escorted to the Wish Tower for the Opening Parade.

Workshops and Merchandising
There will be a wide offer of dance workshops run from Thursday till Sunday delivered by excellent dance teachers, including Big Mijo – Krump master coming all the way from Los Angeles! Other styles will include street dance, rap, salsa, belly dance, yoga and more.
Workshops will cost £5 per session per style; session with Big Mijo will cost £7 per 60minutes workshop and £10 per 90 minutes session.
Workshops can be booked in advance using a form below or on arrival. Please, see workshops timetable below.


There will also be many merchandisers offering exciting products such as: funky T-shirts and hoodies, accessories, hair, nails & make-up services, tanning, photos and DVDs, massage and more.



All participants will be offered in-house catering services. You will be able to choose from a selection of hot meals as well as hot and cold drinks and pastries. For offer and prices download a file below.


We are looking forward to seeing you in Eastbourne!


Consent Form


  Workshops Final draft booking form

  Workshops Final draft