Important information to all dancers and teachers! IDF Dance Sport rules are changing! Read before creating your routine! 


Dear Dancers /Teachers & Coaches,

As the set of IDF Dance Sport rules have been in place for three years now (2009-2011) it is time so they are revised and some necessary changes are introduced. Throughout the last year the Technical Committee has been working extremely hard in order to make sure the rules are correct and clear to dancers and teachers as well as the adjudicators. As a result some substantial changes that will be in place from the next year have been made to the Technical Booklet and the rules of the following disciplines:

•    Belly Dance
•    Dance Show
•    Disco Dance
•    Disco Freestyle
•    Fantasy Show
•    Free Show
•    Funky
•    Hip Hop
•    House
•    Techno

The new rules will be published on the IDF website from 31st January 2012. Please, make sure you have got the right set of rules before creating your routine!

To make sure you have got the latest version please have a look at the heading which should be saying IDF Technical Rules May 2012-2014. If you have got any questions do not hesitate to contact me or the IDF General Secretary using the following contact details: or

Good luck with your preparations towards the IDF events!
All the best,

Urszula Dziekciarek
IDF Technical Committee Co-ordinator