Thank you for your continuous involvement with our websites and social media profiles! 


Thank you so much for engaging with us not only through attending our events but also through our websites and social media channels.


Since April 2019 we have experienced the highest interest in our on-line activity to date and its all down to you!


Just to give you some numbers - our World Dance Championship Pula 2019 promo clips were watched by a total of 8022 people, our Spain 2020 promo clip published just over a month ago has already reached an audience of 7253. Your 'Dancing around the world' campaign videos sent to us over the summer were watched 2286 times and our first clip presenting our WDC Spain 2020 Young Ambassadors was watched 1700 times. Your involvement with our Facebook profile during Puka 2019 World Dance Championship exceeded 30000 visits!


We are extremely grateful for your support and involvement with us. Keep visiting our websites and profiles! Keep spreading the word about what we do! Keep sending us your photos or videos so we could share your great work as well!


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