Amazing April! Here's the news from our member countries! 


Amazing April! Have a look at some of the wonderful events organised by the IDF and its member countries last month! 
Congratulations to both the organisers and the participants of the Russian Championships for their hugely successful competition! 
Well done to Serbia for organising yet another excellent international Euro Show Dance Fest Kanjiza 2019! 
Best wishes to Spain on their 25th anniversary and congratulations for organising great Spanish Championships in Canals, Valencia! 
Great effort Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus for holding your dance exams! Congratulations to all candidates. 
Hip hip hurray Italy for hosting both the Italian Championships as well as a beautiful dance festival! 
Excellent job Hungary for organising your Hungarian Championships! 
Well done Ukraine for staging the whole series of amazing events! Great to see the Moldovan Team participate as well! 
Great job Gibraltar for organising your World Championships Presentation! Good to see you're all ready to go! 
Thank you Croatia for your wonderful efforts in promoting the IDF World Championship 2019! 
We can't wait to be there!
See you all in Pula!