Poland delivers an outstanding World Cup Competition! 


IDF in partnership with Polish Dance Sport Union and 7 coma 7 Dance Sport Club hosted a highly successful IDF World Cup in Uniejow, Poland. The event held on 16th March 2019 was part of IDF Ranking Competitions and was held in Dance Show, Free Dance, Disco Dance, Disco Slow, Dance Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk and Fit-Kid.

Apart from strong representation by the Polish dancers, the competition also welcomed guests from the UK, San Marino and Moldova. Team Moldova wowed the crowds with their choreographies and the organisers with their commitment as their journey lasted 48 hours one way!

Dancers received ranking points for participating in Solo, Duo and Couple categories. The competition was widely publicisied by the local tv and press. Organisation of the event was outstanding with competitors provided with a wide variety of attractions including free access to famous thermal pools, dancers disco, bowling as well as local food tasting. 

Great thanks to the Polish Dance Sport Union as well as the Uniejow Council for your support and contribution to make this event a great success! We hope to be back!