European Championship 2015 - Final Info. Please read. 




Dear Partners,


As the opening of the IDF European Championship 2015 is fast approaching, we kindly ask that you carefully read the information below explaining competition rules and arrangements. 


Arrival & Dancers Meeting Point


Olympic Palace Badalona (Palau Municipal d'Esports de Badalona, most frequently called the Pavelló Olímpic de Badalona).


Address: Carrer Ponent, 143-161, 08912 Badalona, Barcelona, Spain


Dancers should enter via Carrer Ponent. All dancers will then be asked to line up in rows in alphabetical order in preparation for the Opening Ceremony.




Friday 30th October at 6pm– each club to collect their competition pack. This will include:

·         Dancers’ wristbands

·         Coach’s/Teacher’s wristband plus one extra wristband for every 10 dancers

·         Dancers’ start number

·         Competition order



Friday 30th October at 7pm– Opening Ceremony


As part of the Opening Ceremony all clubs / dancers will enter the arena in their rows following a percussion music group “Bufons del Toc “. They will then take their seats in the spectators stands where they will watch the Ceremony. Please note that dancers should not parade through the stage. Once the Opening Ceremony has finished, the European Championship 2015 will commence with Adult semi-finals. All dancers are encouraged to stay and watch the competition from the spectators stands.


Friday 30th October at 8pm – Competition Start


Competition Schedule


Competition schedule can be found on the European Championship 2015 official website  Please make sure you print a copy of the schedule yourself as the secretary office will not provide printouts.

Please be aware that changes might happen on the day so make sure you listen to announcements.


Participating Dancers Identification


Competitors will be identified by wristbands. All dancers are required to wear their wristbands throughout all three competition days. The wristbands do not restrict execution of any elements of the choreographed piece. The wristbands will give all participants access to the participants’ and public areas. The wristband is not transferable to other people and must be constantly exposed. Anyone who misuses the wristband and lends it to other individuals will be banned from the competitors’ area.


Participating Dancers Start Number


While on stage all competitors are required to wear/demonstrate their start number before start of their performance. Once attached to the costume the start number should be displayed at the front and in a safely manner (please avoid safety pins and needles).





Following the IDF requirements a team leader should be present by the DJ/ technician desk/ console to ensure dancers’ own music is working and of good quality. Each team leader should have a spare copy of the track handy just in case the provided copy is faulty and needs to be replaced.  





Any cancellation or last minute changes must be communicated to the Competition Director, who will be positioned at the judges table.


Changing Rooms


Changing rooms are shared by all dancers. The organisers cannot accept liability for any lost or damaged items. It is recommended that no valuables are left without supervision.

It is suggested that dancers carry water bottles. Food is not allowed in the corridors, changing rooms and on the stage. Food consumption is only allowed outside the arena, in the bar area.


Awards Ceremony


It is reminded that each Awards Ceremony is of great importance and should be treated with respect. Please brief your dancers on correct behaviour and showing respect to their partners, fellow competitors, politicians, audience, volunteers and staff.


It is advised that especially the youngest participants are instructed/ reminded to either shake hands or greet the fellow dancers and officials with a common Spanish thank you gesture – two kisses (one in each cheek). When collecting trophies it is suggested that the group has previously decided who will hold it to avoid unnecessary hassle.


It is recommended that all dancers attend the Awards Ceremony wearing either their national/club uniform or dance costumes. There will be plenty of photos taken during the Ceremony so please prepare for it so the photos are real whole life memories.




The organisers have got a public liability insurance for the whole event. The insurance covers any accident that might occur during the competition days, however it does not apply to any injuries caused as a result of any previous/daily training. These injuries are subject to the club / individual insurance.


Filming and Photos


Private filming and photography of the competition is prohibited. The event will be filmed and photographed by the official provider.


Official website


The event live website is

Post event information including results and medals table will also be available on the IDF official website www.idfdance.comafter the competition has finished.



Code of Conduct / Health & Safety/ Responsibility for Underage Participants/ Filming & Photo Permission


Each coach/ teacher/team leader is responsible for their participants, their conduct and safety. Each coach/ teacher/team leader is responsible for ensuring that they are in possession of both the Participation and the Photos and Filming signed permission slips for each participant. The permission needs to be submitted to the Registration Desk on arrival to the venue, before start of the competition.  



The above rules and arrangements have been designed to ensure smooth running of the event and maximize participants’ experience. Please distribute and share this information with all your participating colleagues and all parties involved. If you have got any questions, suggestions or comments regarding the event please feel free to contact the organisers. Any feedback will be highly appreciated.


Important Information


For safety and security reasons we recommend that only the dancers who are due to perform are positioned within the direct access to the stage and that they are supervised at all times. All other competitors should stay supervised at the spectators stands. Please communicate this message across to all participants.



Thank you very much for your co-operation.


Yours sincerely,


Fit-Kid Spain – IDF in Spain