Barcelona and Badalona look forward to seeing you at the European Dance Championship. Don't wait, book your travel now! 


25th September 2015 has marked the registration deadline for all dancers wishing to participate in the European Dance Championship in Badalona (Barcelona) in Spain. The event, which for the first time in the IDF history will be held at the former Olympic venue - the Badalona Olympic Palace, one of the arenas used during the Olympic Games Barcelona 1992, will be held between 30th October and 1st November 2015.


The event is looking to attract more than 1.000 dancers from all over Europe but there is still room to get involved and the organisers would like to see number of participating countries to continue to rise. If you haven't thought about booking your travel yet make sure you do it immediately. Keep spreading the word and sharing the message about this fantastic event among everyone you know! Download the promotional video, post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Make everyone aware of this amazing weekend of dance, the weekend you will remember for years to come! The European Championship will be televised.


See you in Badalona (Barcelona)!